Tech / Tools

Delegate Based Input Manager // C#

Open source.
Written in C# for use with Unity.
Provides input actions based on subscribed delegates.
Added rumble features and simple 1 - 4 player implementation.
Supports diverse types of USB controllers.

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A* with Toggled Heuristics // C++ 

Computes A* path based on given heuristic and heuristic weight.
Exposes straight line detection and rubberbanding optimizations.
Includes visibility testing, openness, closest wall, and search history.
Average longest path calculation: 1.38588 ms.

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Download the .exe here

Open World AI Framework // Unreal Engine

A scalable system for managing agents opinions and behaviors.
Uses dynamic leaders and influenced agent "election".
Isolates agent interactions.
Fully evolving without direct player interaction.
Built in Unreal Engine using Blueprints and Behavior Trees.

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Art Pipeline Automation // Python & Maya

Automated Maya environment setup for Unreal Engine.
Automated system for .fbx exports from Maya.
Center and bottom pivot calculation for game ready assets.
Automated model "cleanup".

View Environment Setup Tool source code here
View Fossilize Export Tool source code here

Procedural Rock Generator // Python & Houdini

Creates hundreds of poly-scalable rocks in Houdini.
Uses subsurface scatter and Voronoi fracturing.
Automated implementation of Henry Medhurst's method.

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