Displacement is an isometric 2D cyberpunk hack & slash game where players use advanced time manipulation technology to take back control of the city.

The Team

Dustin Holmes - Tech Lead
Alex Lindman - Art Lead
Max Hayes - Audio Lead / Programmer
Jason Murray - Engine Programmer

Rebecca Mayfield - Physics Programmer
Riley Alston - Graphics Programmer
Bristol Lakshas  - Character Artist
Trevor Barrett - Environment Artist

Project Details

Ship date: May 2017 (6 months of development)
Engine: Custom using C++ and Lua
Platform: PC
Team Size: 9



  • Served as a creative bridge between tech and art teams to create clear expectations
  • Curated project backlog and issues using Jira.
  • Managed milestones and project deadlines.

Game Designer

  • Developed player controller and combat mechanics in C++ and Lua in a custom game engine. 
  • Conducted playtesting sessions and led data analytics for player feedback using Tableau.
  • Developed core gameplay loop and mechanics.
  • Created different gameplay prototypes in Unity to demonstrate combat and time control mechanics.
  • Designed and balanced enemy types and combat data using Excel.