Dino Delivery is a third person adventure/puzzle game about a boy and his dinosaur best friend and their quest to recover the lost mail of their town.

The Team

Taylor Shook - Game Director / Art Lead
Arin Domning - Tech Lead / AI Programmer
Arocha Nitichakorn - Environment Artist
Ashley Kim - Generalist / UI Artist
Jasmine Keith - Character Artist
Pakhamon Kanchanawenich - Environment Artist
Peraya Vutidechkamjorn - Character Artist
Sophia Abouzeid - Animator / Rigger
Viet Nhi Tran - Generalist / VFX Artist
Kidon Kim - Programmer

Olivia Barrell - Programmer
Derek Sutton - Designer
Gwen Thompson - Interaction Designer
Nick Johnston - Interaction Designer
Sierra Schedin - Narrative Designer
Anthony Benson - Interaction / Level Designer
Ariel Kim - Volunteer Sound Designer
Dustin Williams - Audio Lead
Akiko Mueller - Volunteer Concept Artist
Marko Pavicevic - Volunteer Concept Artist

Project Details

Ship date: April 2019
Engine: Unreal Engine
Platform: PC
Team Size: 15+



  • Led a team of artists, programmers, and designers in Scrum meetings, bi-weekly sprints, and task ownership.

  • Curated project backlog and issues using Jira.

  • Managed milestones and project deadlines.

Lead Designer

  • Prioritized and managed design decisions in regards to scope and project pillars.

  • Worked with the Game Director and design team to establish the core design; including player controller, companion system, and world building.

  • Whiteboxed level design and world creation.

Technical Designer

  • Developed core gameplay loop and mechanics.

  • Created a modular, interactive puzzle system for the design team using Blueprints.

  • Implemented a rich-text style dialogue system.

  • Created Python tools for artists and art pipeline.

  • Prototyped and implemented most major gameplay mechanics.